Hello I’m Alison!  I’m a stay-at-home-wife, doggie mommy, photo nut, reading fiend and politically conservative.  My husband will be called Husband on this blog because his job requires him not to be on the radar.  We live in Northern Virginia.

I currently am certified as an EMT but not actively practicing.  I’m a full-time student while being a full time medically retired Air Force Veteran.  I was in the Air Force as a medic for 7+ years.  School wise I’m majoring in Pharmacogenomics in a DC university and planning on going to medical school.  I want to practice Emergency Medicine.

Husband and I have been together since Feb 2001 and married since July 2004.  He is Catholic, Old School Reagan Conservative and the love of my life.  He is also a Super Secret Squirrel Agent for the US Federal Government and since I can’t talk about his job, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I struggle daily with a pancreatic duct disorder that requires a procedure/surgery called an ERCP every year so far.  I got sick in 2004 and have been having fun with being a pancreatic mess ever since.  Because of this and the stress placed on my body, along with an apparent waste of money on birth control and a useless uterus, Husband and I have been trying to conceive since August of 2006.

So we don’t have any children, yet.  We do have two beautiful dogs, Amelia  and Winston who are weimaraners.   Amelia is completely spoiled rotten and Husbands second best friend.  I’m the first, duh!  Winston is still a baby and he’s not quite sure who he wants to be yet.  We also have three cats.  It’s a zoo!

I really, really, really, really love making new friends.  I was a military brat and traveled the world so I’m a pro a making new friends.  Be aware though I have minimal verbal filter and tend to say every stupid thing that comes to mind.  I’m very nice (I swear) and super honest(I swear).  I return emails pretty quickly and pretty religious about reading comments and replying as needed.

I also am a huge fan of quotes and useless knowledge.  Every post will be opened by a quote that fits the subject.

Real quick note about commenting:  I openly welcome your comments.  I do require a name and email though just to try and deter spammers which obviously you can supply fakes for this if you feel the absolute need to.  I also reserve the right to publish, mock and publicly humiliate any comment that I feel is utterly out of line, rude, asinine or downright mean.  With that said, there isn’t much I haven’t already been called and have a pretty thick skin.  I respect your right to free speech but please just keep in mind you also have the right to remain silent.  Just be wise in choosing which right you choose to exercise.

So without further ado welcome to Run Amok Amok.  This blog will be pretty eclectic and subjects will vary depending on my mood and whatever is occupying a significant amount of gray matter.  You can be sure that my writing will be 100% mine, never another persons, all original work from outside sources will always be cited.  And on that note, please don’t steal my words.  I work hard on my writing and it is incredibly personal to me but beside that its just bad karma.


One Response to “About”

  1. I like you already. Besides the conservative thing (well, and the pancreatic duct disorder – that blows!), I think we’re a lot alike. 🙂

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