Well Hello There

“I’m just preparing my impromptu remarks.”

-Winston Churchill


Funny running into you here…oh wait this is my page isn’t it?  You’ve missed me, I’m sure.  But I’m back and alive.  I’ll spare you all the pancre-assinine details except it was hell and now its better, for now.  Anywho….

I’m back.  And I promise we’ll get back to the regular schedule programming but first a few housekeeping items.

  1. I want to first thank Liz (@ The Wit Factory).  You truly are my best friend and I appreciate everything you did for Husband and me.  And thank you for letting all four of my readers know that I wasn’t dead and didn’t plan on being dead anyways.
  2. Second.  Let me tell you, I have good friends/readers.  This wonderful stranger friend sent me a movie.  And not just any movie, one of the trashiest you-hate-to-admit-but-have-watched-way-too-much-too-be-considered-normal movie.  She sent me Cruel Intentions.  Awesome.  So thank you thank you Jendeis (@ SellCrazy Someplace Else).
  3. I am feeling better.  Amen.  And hopefully this time my pancre-ass and liver will play nice and we can feel better for awhile.
  4. Oh and guess what?  We are back to officially trying again.  Wish us luck.

Yeah so that’s about it for now.

I promise I’ll get back to regular writing because I know y’all missed me.  Hell, I missed me.

PS – I wanted to share one of my favorite pictures from our wedding.  We’re coming up on our five year anniversary and planning our DISNEY VACATION!  We’re going for our honeymoon anniversary.



One Response to “Well Hello There”

  1. yay you are back! what a gorgeous pic!

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