Write Left?

“I love talking about nothing.  It is the only thing I know anything about.”

-Oscar Wilde


I’ve never really thought of myself as a really great writer.  I love books but that is a whole other post and trust me I’ll get there eventually.  And being a book lover, I also am fascinated with the authors.  Which is why I’m telling y’all about this.

So in this month’s Real Simple (seriously y’all, its organizational p*o*r*n) they announced The Second-Annual Life Lessons Contest.  And normally I’m not really into contests, contest entering and, in general, those who participate in them.  BUT….this is a really good one.

I think the best part of the internets is that I get to read some of the smartest women everyday!  I get to be your friend, your family, your sounding board and your shoulder to cry on.  I am privileged to some of your most intimate details.  Daily, I am humbled by your way with words and wish that one day you too might look forward to reading my daily comings and goings.

So here it is ladies (and the occasional gent)…tell us about when you first realized that you were a grown-up.  I think it would be so awesome if everyone entered the contest but I know that life sometimes get in the way of such grand things.  So even if you don’t enter the contest, I want to know your answers.  Write it about it in your blog!  At a minimum tell me in the comments!  Either way.  I’m thinking we could get some really great answers and even better stories!

So start typing people!


17 Responses to “Write Left?”

  1. I realized I was an adult as a teenage having to take care of my siblings while my divorced single mother battled a gambling addiction.

    I hope that wasn’t too deep for ya, but you asked. lol

  2. Have no brains to rack it up lady! Great contest though.

    Have several I grew up points….leap from naivete to cynicism, I guess!


  3. I also feel lucky to be involved in such an amazing community of bloggers. I’m always grateful for the honesty.

    Let’s see, when I first felt like a adult… Honestly it was the first time I bought a 4 pack of pregnancy tests. It was the first month we started trying. I remember feeling blown away by the fact that I was at THAT point in my life. Crazy.


  4. Hmmm hard to say that there was just one moment where I realized it – probably “mentally” the day I realized my parents didn’t have all the answers and were capable of making mistakes or not knowing what to do in every situation. Cliche but also moving out to my own place.

  5. I still don’t feel like a grown-up. ***ICLW***

    • Alison Says:

      this is actually how Husband and I feel about it too! we were just talking about how sometimes it feels like we’re just playing pretend! “acting” like adults when in reality we have no clue!

  6. I’m 35, and I think I still haven’t realized I’m a grown-up. 🙂


  7. I remember when I turned 23 thinking, “Wow! This is how old Mrs. House (my super young, cool 3rd grade teacher) was when I had her. ” 🙂


  8. Grown up?! I refuse. I’m a 28 year old child that monkey-types data analysis and spends all day staring into weeds and water.

  9. Some days I feel like I’m older than my years and other days I still feel like a rambunctious teenager. I think I feel like an “adult” when I have to deal with things like refinancing my mortgage or paying for a new a/c unit for my hot Florida home. I prefer the rambunctious teen – she’s less stressed.


    • Alison Says:

      I think that secretly we all have this alternate personality that we bring out when we really just need to still be a toys r us kid and never grow up!

  10. I love your Oscar Wilde quote! They’ve got some good music.

    I just recently realized I’ve grown up. My mom passed away due to cancer a little over three years ago and while I didn’t deal with it then. I’m dealing with it now. I’ve learned that there are some people who can’t be who you need them to be. even if you try REALLY REALLY hard to make them see how you need them to act. The only person that can help you get to the grown up stage is you. Only because nobody knows you better then you know yourself. I can’t wait to hear how the contest goes for you! How exciting!
    *HUGS and ICLW*

  11. Me too i am so grateful to so many of who that i have met online. Never imagined in a million years that anyone would read my blog, really, it still amazes me.

    When did i realize I was a grown up…. I think, without going into too many details, it was when i made the life changing decision to move to another state to get away from a very very bad situation, many many years ago. I knew I had to take responsibilty for my life and that no matter how much friends and family loved me I had to do it myself.

  12. What an interesting topic?! I don’t know, I think the first time I felt like a grown up was walking into my apartment for the first time with my husband. Both knowing that this was OUR home. Wow! That was awhile ago! 🙂
    ~Michelle (ICLW)

  13. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog. http://sellcrazysomeplaceelse.blogspot.com/2009/06/honest-scrap.html

  14. I don’t feel like a grown up either. I’m on the cusp of turning 30 and I feel like an imposter most of the time. Like I’m trying to hard to seem ‘older’ or more mature. People have told me they feel like an adult for the first time when their parents die or when they have a baby. Neither has happened to me yet (knock on wood for the first – I often hope I will die before my parents so I won’t have to live without them). Birth and death. The biggies. The closeset I’ve come to feeling grown-up is taking care of my animals. I feel like a ‘mommy’ to my dogs. It gives me a sense of responsibility and importance and priority. Otherwise, the grown up in me is still waiting to emerge. Great question!

  15. There are days when I don’t feel grown up, but I think I truly hit the “OMG, they think I’m a grown up so I better act like it” when I was in my early 20s. Fresh out of college, with my naive ideals still very much intact, I ended up having to be a family mediator between a mom and daughter who were at complete odds with each other. They both chose me, and the whole time I was crapping myself, praying that I would end up being of some use to them…


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