Happy Birthday Baby

“Just so you know, there’s a space that only you can fill.  Just so you know, I loved you then, I guess I always will.”



Dear Husband,

I just wanted to begin your birthday with a little sentimentalism.  I love you but I wanted to know, how do you feel old man?  The simple fact is that today, on your birthday, you are now officially old.  As of today and for another one-hundred and twenty-nine days you will be the exact same age as me, therefore just as old as you have been telling me I am.  So ha, how does it feel to be so old?  You know you officially start dying at age 27, that is only three-hundred and sixty-five days from now.  So you’d better make them well worth it.

In all seriousness, Husband, I wanted to take this opportunity, this very public forum to tell you happy birthday.  Yet another year has gone by and you’ve grown older, wiser and better looking.  Another year standing by me and taking care of me and tolerating my fussiness. You truly are a great man and while I’m sure your parents are responsible for laying the foundation, you have pushed past all my expectations. You are my best friend and daily I am happy to see you walk through my door.  You are unbelievably brave, understandingly smart and not to mention quite a hottie!  You remain, my favorite person.

So old man, as my present to you, for today only, you can be right.

I lova you!!!!


“Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.”

-Billie Burke


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Baby”

  1. AMEN!!! happy b-day! Your comments make me smile! For some reason I feel as though I was to respond to one? Was I? I can’t remember? 🙂

    • Alison Says:

      there were two questions that i remember off the top of my head…
      1. do you twitter?
      2. do you read/like to read?

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband!

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