Amok! Amok! Amok!

“As is the way with almost everything concerning in my life…jaw-dropping whimsy run amok.”

– Joseph Brooks


You know I’ve more than once been asked where I got the idea for my blog title.  Because quite frankly “Run Amok Amok” is pretty random.  The correct phrasing is normally used as how something normal has become out of control, run amok.  And while that is also an appropriate interpretation of my name, because seriously what in my life isn’t out of control most days?   But that is not where my obsession with the actual phrase Run Amok Amok came from.

The phrase originates from one of my all-time favorite movies.  A movie that apparently only 18 people saw because I have only found one person who actually “got” my reference.  This movie was made in 1993 and starred three awesome and extremely talented actresses, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy.  This movie is now relegated to the random family cable channels and only occasionally seen just around Halloween…. which is a shame because I really think its comedy genius.

So lady’s and gentlemen, without further ado, my inspiration:

Hocus Pocus, is totally hilarious.  And that part right at the end is Sarah Jessica Parker in my 2nd favorite role of hers (obviously the first being Carrie Bradshaw).  She perfectly plays a ditzy, brazen hussy, tart of a witch.  And the best line ever is her jumping up and down sing-songing “Run Amok, Amok, Amok, Amok …..”

I recommend you find and rent this movie.  Watch from beginning to end and try not to tell me its a great movie.  Total fluff but who cares… Fluff makes the world go ’round.

PS – You can actually watch the whole movie online thanks to the diligent illegal uploading of a wonderful youtube world.  The movie is cut up into 11 separate parts… but still well worth the watch!

Hocus Pocus – YouTube


2 Responses to “Amok! Amok! Amok!”

  1. How funny! I watched that a long time ago, but didn’t remember it! 🙂

  2. witfactory Says:

    Chelsey and I love Hocus Pocus. ‘Twas once a tradition around Halloween. Along with Halloweentown on the Disney Channel. I’ve seen it a ton of times, but never put two and two together until your explanation sent the blinding row of light bulbs off in my head.

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