Cooking with Alison: Easy as 3.141592…

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”

-Albert Einstein


Ok, so I’m a nerd.  I admit it and quite frankly I’m proud of it!

Too often, my conversations are peppered with facts, random knowledge and useless ramblings that often have Husbands eyes rolling.  Yet with every crazy fact I know Husband loves me just that much more.  I know my penchant for all things random is annoying yet I cannot seem to stop myself.  I find myself positively giddy about finding new sources of knowledge.

One of my more annoying sources of craziness is TV and movies.  I am addicted to every show on the Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, the Science Channel, the Travel Network and the Food Network.  I live for new HBO documentaries and have watched most of the ones to rent from Netflix.  I devour historical drama pieces and all things historical in modern novels.  And I’m driving my family crazy along the way.

Luckily Husband, while is not a huge nerd like me, has learned that while a good three-quarters of my television choices are boring or weird – there are quite a few that are AWESOME.   So he puts up with all my randomness because eventually something pretty cool comes up.

Oh, and don’t let him fool you.  He’s a weirdo in his own right.  For example this man has a weird obsession with all things monkey.  Some people collect unicorns, some collect little porcelain elephants… Husband collects Monkeys.  He says its because he’s freakishly tall and has long monkey arms.  I say its because he secretly is Darwin’s missing link.

But back to my original point.  Last week Sister-in-Law made the exact same comment that my sister, Dee, made regarding my obsession with nerdy television.  A few years ago while visiting my parents, Dee and I had an old fashioned sleepover, camping out, watching movies and eating way too much junk.  I had brought along a ton of movies, including Elizabeth (about Queen Elizabeth), Schindler’s List, and others along that same line.  Dee refused to watch any of those movies stating, ” If I wanted to learn, I’d read a book.  I hate watching movies that make me think!  I watch movies to be distracted from life.” I swear to you, Sister-in-Law said the EXACT SAME THING, only 2 years after the fact.

Its funny they said that because I totally understand what they were talking about.  These educational programs, documentaries and movies Dee has labeled “Movies That You Accidentally Learn Something”, relaxing.  These programs are a release for me.  And I too am confused by others choices in movies.  Some people love watching scary movies.  I can’t sleep after watching previews for these movies yet others watch them all the time!

Because just like my obsessive organization, learning is cathartic.  I can’t always control the events in my life but I can fix one aspect by learning more.  No one has ever been hurt by having too much knowledge, seriously name one person… can ya huh huh?  And no that curious cat does not count.

Husband truly is my best friend, and even though he says Amelia is his, I know its me.  And that makes me pretty happy in my little nerd heart. And to make Husband’s little monkey heart happy I want to share this great T-Shirt you can buy from Mental Floss.



PS – No I recieved no compensation for this post for Mental Floss… though I should because I’m probably their biggest fan.

PPS – Husband insists I add the follow: “I never said Amelia was my best friend, I said you were by best human friend she is my best non-human friend.  Plus she never argues back at me”  Love you too 😉


20 Responses to “Cooking with Alison: Easy as 3.141592…”

  1. Totally hooked on informative programs too! Though I dont think i could watch Schilndler’s List again – important to see once, but just too soul destroying to see again. I teach history so I love all the new bits of information I get to share with my students. Just finished the civil war with them and now we’re doing a project on Harriet Tubman and her role in leading soldiers on raids during the war. Really extraordinary stuff. Learning really is a life-long pursuit.

  2. Here from ICLW. My husband loves those types of shows too, I just want to watch sitcoms that allow me to escape 🙂

  3. We watch tons of educational TV. I truly came to the conclusion that my husband and I were certifiable nerds when we were watching Discovery TV and reading at the same time.


    • Alison Says:

      Funny enough, Husband and I both normally read while watching TV too. Well for me, I’m normally writing, studying ore reading…. Husband is reading business or political magazines (Fortune, Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Times, not the POST though).
      TV is a great learning medium but nothing can beat the feel, the smell of a great book. And don’t get me started on Textbooks. I love reading my textbooks.

    • Alison Says:

      yeah pretty often while watching our “how things work” show we’re on our computers or reading. I’m normally writing or doing freelance editing but mostly reading the zillion blogs i subscribe to, shopping online for new books to add to my pile of books i haven’t read yet and or taking classes online. Husband works a lot on his freelance contracting business… and reading the latest financial business or playing on the stock market or reading some conservative blog…
      so yea… we’re guilty of reading and watching at the same time….

  4. I totally understand where you’re coming from on this one. I love historical drama and “accidentally” learning something. It can be very relaxing.


  5. I *HEART* documentaries and educational films too!

    Sounds like you and your DH have a wonderful relationship. 🙂


    • Alison Says:

      I truly am one lucky girl. Husband jokes sometimes that he’s afraid I’ll leave him…I just tell him in return: “Puh-lease I know I’m difficult, who else would put up with my crap?”
      I think I’m incredibly lucky to of found my best friend and married him. We are good together. We are good partners and have the same sick sense of humor. Its a very comforting thought knowing deep man this wonderful man loves me. I’m one lucky, lucky girl…and seriously… he buys me SHOES!

  6. Haha… I loved your nerd post… I can totally relate to it. Good luck with your IF and med school journey!

  7. I am so with you on not understanding people who don’t want to learn during the movies or TV. So what if you happen to learn? Isn’t that an awesome thing?

    I too loved Elizabeth (one of my fave movies). Never saw the sequel, did you?

    • Alison Says:

      Not only have I seen the sequel, I own it, and I’ve shown it to everyone I could convince to watch it…. Mostly my mom, Husband and my BFF. 😉

  8. Oh I love historical pieces too….I am a regular on Fox History and Discovery Travel and Living…I am amazed at the coincidence that two people gave you the exact same comment two years apart!

    Love the witty – Darwin’s connection!


  9. I have to be in the mood for the history channel, but all the other,s I’m in! I love to watch Food Network and dream about cooking up a fancy lavish meal.
    P.S. I LOVE that shirt!

    • Alison Says:

      my other guilty pleasure is that i subscribe to pretty much every cooking, backing and foodie magazine available.
      i love them and Husband loves being my guinea pig.

  10. being the non-nerd in my marriage i am often amazed that i am able to sit through the “education” tv. it makes my brain hurt sometimes. love the shirt.


  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I think this post is funny. While I don’t always enjoy watching things that make me think… I do sometimes. The best kind are the ones that make me think/learn while being wrapped up in a GREAT story where I don’t even know it’s happening.

  12. I am also a nerd and not ashamed of it! I love the shirt.


  13. I’d like to note that I REALLLLLY love your header!

  14. Hahaha! I would love to make you an apron! I have some really cute bright green and pink leopard! 🙂 I wear an 8 1/2! 🙂

  15. I too am addicted to educational tv. I love the discovery channel!
    Thanks for sharing the Einstein quote – I love it!

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