Shoe Fly…Don’t Bother Me

“What becomes of the broken-hearted?  They buy shoes.”

-Mimi Pond


I have an addiction.  And as with all addictions, the first step is admitting you have a problem.  So here it goes…

Hello, my name is Alison.   And I have a shoe addiction.

Ok, seriously now, I’m not trying to make light of addiction problems.  But seriously, shoes are my weakness.  Lets just say, I own more than my fair share of shoes.  And to be completely honest, I own more than several women’s fair share of shoes.

I.  Love.  Shoes.

I think Jennifer Weiner summed it up perfectly in her book, In Her Shoes: “Clothes never look any good, food just makes me fatter, but shoes always fit.”  This is a thought I’m sure has been silently whispered by every woman and immortalized in words by this modern author.

Look at Cinderella, every little girl has drifted to sleep with this magical fairy tale in her head.  What a wonderful story of true love and the importance of simple things.  And I feel grateful that Husband understand my obsession and indulges my fantasies.  He understands that shoes are more than an object of clothing, they make the outfit.  And he is indescribably understanding, albeit slightly confused, why I need yet another pair of black patent leather Mary Janes.  Because, Husband, I don’t have these black patent leather Mary Janes.  That is why I need them.

I rarely get as excited as I do when I get a new pair of shoes.  Especially when they’ve been bought on-line.  The anticipation of this nondescript brown package delivered by an anonymous mail man, a carrier of joy.  Romantically, its as if I’m receiving a gift, a love token, from a secret admirer.  This little package speaks nothing of the beauty and joy held within.  Nothing of the splendor and glamour of life.  And it definitely speaks nothing of the magic a great pair of shoes can do to your life.

Every pair of shoes in my closet is carefully stored.  Pairs are individually stored in clear plastic boxes, guarded and sheltered, impervious to the elements.  Perfectly preserved yet visible to me every day.  Every pair put on permanent display for my personal entertainment.  A private museum of shoes.  Every pair possesses a memory.  They are the representation of my dreams and hint at the fantasy in my mind.  Every pair speaks volumes of stories, of inside jokes and adventures to be individually worshiped and wistfully retold to future generations.

The glittering pink stilettos are reminders of the new love, excitement and the anxiety of marriage.  These shoes represent our union with a strong foundation and a touch of whimsy.  These beautiful, fanciful shoes supported me the day before my wedding.  The lifted me down the aisle, aided me in practicing the most important walk of my life.  Their support and beauty epitomized my love for Husband and his positive influence on my life.  Their sisters, identical in style but different in color.  A sparkling black, these are the shoes that I wore to the celebration with friends and family for my bridal shower.

Often, I wander into my closet and sigh.  I see this mountain of shoes, this mountain of stories and a mountain of memories.  Occasionally, I select a pair, carefully pull them out of their boxes and assume a new persona.  Or I use the shoes as a way to remember a moment, a minute space in time that occupies a great place in my heart.  Each new pair is an opportunity to re-invent myself.  Each new pair is an opportunity to stay true to myself.  Each new pair is a way to display my personality, my hopes and dreams and put it out there for the casual perception of strangers.

I am in love.  I am in love with each and every pair.  I am excited that each shoe has the potential for new miracles.  I look forward to the future.  I look forward to donning these new shoes and creating new memories and walking, beautifully garnished in new leather and satin, into new adventures by the side of my very own Prince Charming.

PS – You can now be jealous because I’ve added these fabulous new shoes to my wardrobe.

Pink Shoes

** UPDATE ** 21 May 2009 **

So due to popular demand…. drumroll please…. My organized shoes.  This is about half my shoe collection, the other half is still packed away in a box from my move mostly because I’ve been too lazy to actually seek them out.  And the mess of sheets next to my shoes is until I can figure out a good way to organize my linen closet.  Stay tuned for more organizational p*o*r*n.  I had no idea people were as weird as I am and love seeing things in perfect order.  It makes my little heart happy.


5 Responses to “Shoe Fly…Don’t Bother Me”

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Really wanna make me drool? Show us a picture of the organized shoes. 🙂

  2. I said I loved you before but I now I think I am totally jealous! This is like showing me a baby crib, that is how badly I want these!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my! You have wonderful taste! I’m with Jendeis, pictures of your shoes all beautifully organized! Congrats on your new purchase, I’m sure you will give them a nice home.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. My MIL isn’t my mom, of course, but she is still a special mother figure in my life and that’s pretty special.
    Enjoy your day.

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