Just Another Manic Monday – 18 May 2009 Edition

“I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we’re really not that different, me and you.”

– Colin Raye


While I am relatively a new member of the blogging community, I have been an active lurker for many years.  My blogging style is incredibly schizophrenic in that I tend not to stick to a single subject for each post and the spread of blogs I read is just as crazy across the board.  No one thing defines me and I find it incredibly appropriate that I find a connection with a huge array of bloggers.  Currently my  Google Reader is set to follow 363 blogs as of today, so for my Just Another Manic Monday I wanted to share with y’all some of the blogs that are my faves for the week (in no particular order).  So each week I’ll share my fab five +one.  The +one will be a blog that I’ve recently discovered – for a grand total of six a week.  Obviously, because I have some serious ADD, I’ll occasionally switch it up and list some of my fave new found websites instead.  I hope that you’ll join me and add your five faves either in my comments or in your blog.  All I ask though is that if you join my Just Another Manic Monday movement please provide a link back to my website because simply, I am fabulous and want to share my genius with everyone.  😉

So without further ado… Just Another Manic Monday – 18 May 2009 Edition

  1. Dana Loesch – Dana is the mommy-blogging genius behind Mamalogues.  She is a mover and shaker in conservative politics and one of the original minds behind the Tea Party movement and she really is the answer to the stereotyped old boy’s club that people normally visualize.  And if that wasn’t enough, she has her own talk radio show The Dana Show in St. Louis on 97.1 FM.  I think its incredibly cool that this smart, funny rocker chick is the brain child behind one kick-ass blog about her life and family and a young, fresh voice in the world of right-wing politics.  I find it incredibly refreshing to find a conservative compatriot in mommy blogging circles.  Don’t get me wrong, I completely love a ton of left-ish bloggers but I’m pretty sure conservative “mommy” bloggers are in the minority.  Plus it is pretty awesome that she manages to keep the two separate and cater to different audiences all while staying true to herself.  Dana is a self-professed “non-denominational Jesus Freak”, non-traditional image of a homeschooling mother with tattoos and is a recovering cuss-aholic who fiercely loves her children and husband.  Take a moment and check out this one hot mommy.
  2. Nurse K – OMG and LOL, Nurse K is the smart-ass ER nurse behind the blog Crass-Pollination. She describes herself as the “fine purveyor of: High-quality urban emergency nursing care, primary care, drug-seeker support services, physician handwriting interpretation, arrangement of rapid ambulance transfers to detox, bus tokens and cab vouchers, Stage 4 malignant cynicism, and concierge service.”  Her blog is unforgiving in providing an equal opportunity sardonic look into emergency medicine, medical personnel and the patients who walk through her door.  Check out the blog that is so funny and sadly true that someone  wrote “Your blog makes me lose faith in society.–Christine-Megan “.  I love this blog because I’ve worked in my fair share of ER’s throughout my medical career and can relate to every single story this crayzee lady tells. 😉  So take a break from your everyday life to explore the world of drug-seekers, crazy people, hypochondriacs, and self-absorbed characters in your local anytown ER.
  3. Mental Floss – The motto of the Mental Floss blog is “Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix” and I don’t think I could think up a label more appropriate.  I am constantly joking that my goal in life is to learn all there is to know and this blog is instrumental in providing me useless knowledge to fill my annoying arsenal.  Daily I drive Husband crazy with another “did you know that….”.  Mental Floss is awesome because it provides you with not only the answer to whether or not men can breast feed but 10 stories behind Dr. Suess Stories.  Check them out and make yourself an expert in everything you never knew you didn’t know.
  4. Gizmodo – This super site provides me with my daily geek fix.  Seriously all things nerd, geek and dork can be found here.  Gizmodo distinguishes themselves from other tech sites because it provides a funny, entertaining, sarcastic but useful approach to modern technology and all things geek.
  5. We CovetWe Covet’s tag line “because sometimes want is too small a word” is about as self-explanatory as it can get.  This fabulous product review site provides “better living through consumerism” and is indispensable for finding great buys you never knew you always needed.  Because seriously who doesn’t covet porcelain replicas of the Walther “P” series pistol to get your one-tough-garden party-beyotch image across.
  • +1.  Sew Infertile – I found Sew because she apparently found me!  Unfortunately, she is a member of the barren sisterhood and has been trying to conceive for about 4 years now.  I’m completely enamored with her though because she has such a great sense of humor throughout it all.  Sew is a native of DC but is currently exiled in the south.  Her words not mine, because I heart the south;).  Its always nice to find someone who can commiserate on the out of control cost of living in the DC area but still thinks it is worth it to live in the greatest city in the US.  And to top it off she sells the most awesome aprons at C.ookin N.aked.  Take a moment to visit her site and read her story

So now its your turn, in your own blogs or in the comments of mine, tell me your fab five +one in your own Just Another Manic Monday.


2 Responses to “Just Another Manic Monday – 18 May 2009 Edition”

  1. wow that’s a lot of blogs you read! I follow maybe 15. Sew Infertile seems intriguing. Thanks for the rec!

  2. OMG! How did I miss this! You are so kind! Truly, I am humbled. 🙂

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