Just Another Manic Monday

So I’d like to start a weekly …. thing…. and start a series I’m calling “Just Another Manic Monday”.  Its basically going to be my place to list, link and discuss anything that has randomly been consuming a significant amount of grey matter that week.  Why this is different from any other day and blog post, well its kinda not except because I said so, and because it’ll be in list form!  So without further ado… Inaugural Manic Monday begins.

1.  Twitter – OK admittedly I’ve avoided twitter until recently mostly because it seemed to be this completely useless time waster.  And well it is BUT the difference is now that I’m totally ADDICTED TO IT.  Its been just absolutely great to become part of this universal community of great people!  I’ve made new friends, I’ve pissed off a few liberals and driven Husband insane repeating things to him!

2.  Smart Girl Politics – Now this is an AWESOME social network, lik eFacebook but without all the weird strangers.  Now the strangers are well, still strangers but only my kind of weird.

3.  Slurpee’s – Having lived in Ohio for the last 8 years, there were no 7-11’s.  And no Slurpees.  So imagine my complete childlike shriek of glee when Husband brought home a Coke-flavored slurpee!  Love it!  Its been great and given the crazy hot weather thats all of a sudden going on in DC it is a great treat!

Now its your turn to share your Manic Monday list with me and I’ll see you on Tuesday!


3 Responses to “Just Another Manic Monday”

  1. MMM…Coke slurpees!!

    Twitter comes and goes with me (not always intentional, just nothing fabulous to blurt out…not that I usually…lol).

    I have to admit though that I’m ABSOLUTELY RETARDEDLY ADDICTED to Super Poke Pets…lol I have one in Facebook AND in Myspace (although ShuShu in Myspace seems to be getting most of my attention most of the time…lol)

  2. Here from the Lost & Found. I’m in the DC area too! Looking forward to following your journey.

  3. i LOVE coke slurpees!!

    My manic Monday confession is that I have been obsessed with sperm. I’m sorry, lol. I got lost in search engine land trying to understand the darn things.

    Welcome to the IF blogshere!

    (here from LFCA)

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